In April 2012 my son, Chris, and I travelled with the Mentor Series to Dubai. An amazing opportunity to see a fascinating part of the world. We travelled from our homes to Toronto, to New York, and then a twelve hour flight to Dubai. We spent five very busy days during which saw the ultra-metropolitan downtown of Dubai, the beach resorts on the Gulf of Oman, and the mountains in between. We rode in 4-wheel drive SUVs over the desert dunes, up the elevators of the world's tallest building, and in a hot air balloon as the sun rose over the desert. In addition we visited the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, the spice market in Dubai, and went snow-skiing in the Mall of the Emirates. Dubai is such a mixture of European and Arab cultures. Thanks to David, Michael, and Erica from the Mentor Series and thanks to our fellow photographers who made the trip even more special.