Death Valley is a great place for photography so I was thrilled when Mark Alberhasky and Layne Kennedy (Photozone Tours) announced a 5 day photo tour in 2014. Heather wanted to join me so we decided we would spend a few days prior to the tour, and subsequent to it, in Las Vegas which was the jumping off point for the tour. We enjoyed a few relaxing days in Vegas with some great Cirque de Soleil shows, wonderful food, and great people watching. Mark and Layne then picked us up in the SUVs and along with 7 other photographers we headed to Death Valley. It was about a four hour drive from Las Vegas. Although Death Valley is known as the driest place in the US they had just had some heavy rainfall and so our first pictures include reflections in the puddles. We spent the next five days touring around the valley and it was amazing the variety of landscapes we encountered. From the Mesquite Flat Dunes to the mountainous roads in the back country to the scrubby areas along the road to "The Racetrack" we were never short of interesting locations. The other photographers were a great bunch and were very welcoming to Heather who was the only non-photographer in the group. Please enjoy these images.